Using PC to TV Converter to Convert Signal to Different TV Ports

Published: 02nd November 2010
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In the present day more and more folks like to actually view their favourite Television programs with the Personal computer or laptop computer. You may wish for you to take pleasure in High definition YouTube videos at the sizeable television screen, or maybe gloss over via your picture collections perhaps, or enjoy a powerpoint presentation on the big TV screen, generally there could very well be so many reasons basically.

A single method to help you present electronic digital images together with video clip to share with your family and friends is for all to huddle around your display screen. Otherwise, you are able to link up your PC to your television and even send the pictures to the TV on PC. Technologies also exists to communicate a PC and a TV in the different direction, to ensure that you are able to sit back and watch television programs on your notebook or desktop PC. Each method consists of pros and cons which include a few set up troubles.

Prior to when connecting your Computer to your Television you require to check for source links (and also video connectors) available with both of them. All these video inputs or elements embrace the video signal through different devices like a Blue ray player, laptop, PC or a DVD player. Various converter cables including Video to VGA, HDMI to VGA, S-Video to RCA, HDMI splitter and additional cable connections are necessary in order to transfer the TV signal for you to display on PC or laptop.

To get different cable connections to be able to function, you need to know exactly what sort of interface you got for your devices. You can certainly find them by looking from the rear of your desktop PC or laptop.(if it's a laptop, look at the left or right side). Check for the following ports.

HDMI ports

You can locate this High-definition multimedia interface port on almost all the completely new High definition TV (Digital) sets. Nevertheless you will not find the port on all desktop computer or laptop.

VGA port

You can come across the VGA port on almost all of the laptops and desktops. Again, this one is generally found on LCD TVs.

DVI port

Generally readily available on Liquid crystal display Televisions. Its generally present on almost all of the PCs or laptops.

RCA port

If the audio device is individually attached to the computer or perhaps you get a separate sound device, you could use a RCA cord for you to hook up the audio cable to Television set. RCA cables are usually very common to see, commonly applied for Blue ray player to the TV.They are three round plugs, yellow color for video, red color for mono and white color for audio. In the event the Television has a S-Video interface and your laptop or computer has a RCA interface or the other way round you will find RCA to S-Video cables readily available specifically designed for this purpose.


Located in older TV units. Out there on most of the PCs or laptops. Nevertheless attentively examine the number pins. It comes for a 4 pin as well as 7 pin connector.

Televisions do not normally support network cable connections. Rather, you may usually hook up your desktop computers or laptops to a TV using one of the following types of audio-visual (AV) cables: A different solution of joining TV with laptop computer is making use of PC to TV Converter device. You can use the converter to link up a VGA cable(typically a 15 pin connection) in your laptop or computer as well as your connector equipment. Then utilize RCA cable connection and join the device with your TV. The electrical power to the device could possibly be direct supply from the USB port. The moment you've all the required connections setup properly, you can now enjoy watching your favourite TV program on your laptops or PCs.

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